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Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic migraines?

The chances are overwhelming that your answer is YES. Research indicates that nearly 36 million Americans, mostly women, suffer from some type of migraine headaches. Can you believe that fewer than 50% of people with migraine consult a doctor or headache specialist? Although medical therapy is still the mainstay for treatment, Dr. Hochman offers ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS AND/OR SURGERY for a significant number of people. These treatments can substantially reduce the NUMBER and SEVERITY of chronic migraines, cluster headaches and facial pain.

The Migraine Treatment Center

Our goal at The Migraine Treatment Center is to provide our patients with safe and superior quality medical care and the best possible results. Now there are procedures available in a treatment plan at the Migraine Treatment Center which provide temporary to long term relief from migraines, facial pain and cluster headaches in the majority of patients as well as a surgery option for more permanent relief. After your assessment, we will be pleased to assist you in changing your life!

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