Payment Options

The cutting-edge techniques which we provide for chronic headaches (Botox, SphenoBlock {nerve blocks} and Surgery) are covered by some insurance companies, however most do not. Our staff will be happy to contact your insurance company for re-certification. We will provide documentation of our evaluation and care to insurance companies, complete with diagnostic and treatment codes.

The $100 consultation fee for Dr. Hochman, a specialist, is typically covered by most insurance companies or may be considered an out of pocket expense. If it is not covered, the fee will be deducted from your surgery total.

If your insurance company does not provide coverage or if you do not have insurance, call for counseling with one of our in-house consultants for payment options. (843) 277-8727.

In the event that your insurance will not cover your migraine surgery, our team at has made arrangements to make it possible to receive treatment at a discounted rate.

Our consultants can help you move forward toward having the procedures to stop the pain with convenient payment options.* Subject to credit approval.

You are  responsible for payment. Migraine surgery fees must be paid at least two weeks prior to your surgery date.

Ready to see how we can help reduce the number and severity of chronic migraines?