Heres How To Get Started

Here’s how to get started

We are very pleased about your interest in our migraine treatment program. We want to help you and STOP the pain. These treatments can change your life. However, to ensure success, the procedure should be performed on carefully chosen patients. Before you call our office, please read and check off the requirements needed below:

1. Please read through the information in our website to better understand migraines, the treatments we offer, the procedures used when needed on your “trigger points”, payment options and more.

2. You must have been diagnosed with chronic migraine by a neurologist within the past five years. If you have not, Dr. Hochman can recommend one for you.

3. It would be beneficial if you would fill out the MyChronicMigraine-Detailed Migraine_Diary and bring it to your consultation.

4. You need to understand that each patient is different and the cost of the surgery cannot be determined without completing the Headache Questionnaire and coming to the office for a Consultation with Dr. Hochman. You can review the payment options in advance.

5. Please completely fill out the Headache Questionnaire below.

6. Use our Online Appointment Scheduler or call (843) 571-4742 to set up your appointment for your Consultation.


Ready to see how we can help reduce the number and severity of chronic migraines?