Three Options for Migraine Sufferers Offered at Surgery4Migraines

You do not need to suffer with migraine pain any more. Here’s why:

Until recently there was little to offer for chronic migraines and other facial pains other than medications in the form of pills and injections. Nearly two-thirds of patients discontinue prescription medications due to inadequate relief and side effects.

But now there are procedures available in a treatment plan at Surgery4Migraines which provide temporary relief from migraines in the majority of patients as well as a surgery option for more permanent relief.

1. Botox® injections can temporarily relieve migraines for up to three months in some cases by “freezing” the muscles which encapsulate the nerves causing the pain.


2. SPHENOBLOCK® is a minimally invasive procedure designed to temporarily block a collection of nerves (the sphenopalatine ganglion – SPG), effectively delivering pain relief. The SPG lies in a bony cavity which is deep in the midface nasal cavity and is related to a variety of facial pain conditions, such as migraines, cluster headaches and atypical facial pain. It provides effective care for a difficult group of patients.

Because the SPG represents a “crossroad” of neurons involved in pain processing, clinicians using SPG blocks have reported its effectiveness in a variety of central pain syndromes, from complex regional pain syndrome to fibromyalgia.

Dr. Hochman administers the SPHENOBLOCK® to:

•Diagnose the cause of pain in the face and head
•Manage the pain of certain types of chronic headaches
•Manage sympathetically maintained facial pain

Sometimes during a SphenoBlock®, Dr. Hochman injects the pain-relieving medicine into the region where the ganglion lies with the use of the SphenoCath®. The SphenoCath® is a small soft tube designed to be the medication delivery device for SpenoBlock® , transforming it into a quick, simple procedure. This may reduce the release of the chemical norepinepherine activating the pain sensitive nerves and reduce the pain with long-lasting effects.

•Patient will not feel numbness in the face.
•Procedure is painless.
•Requires no X-rays.
•Takes about 30 minutes in the office.

Most insurance companies, as well as Medicare, cover the procedure. We will work with you if it is not covered.

SPHENOBLOCK® can often give immediate relief to an ongoing pain episode and/or help to give longer term relief by “resetting” this group of nerves (SPG).

If you’re currently taking medicine for migraines or other chronic facial pain, this simple procedure may over time replace the need for narcotics or other pain medications. It fits into the overall treatment plan with regard to medications, Botox injections and surgery for migraines.

3. The third Option is Surgery on the affected trigger points.


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